Coding Background

My name is Charles Stover. I am a senior web development consultant currently employed with a focus in React and Node. I have over 15 years experience in web development languages such as JavaScript and PHP. My focus thus far has been in automated content generation, micro-optimization, SEO, and web security. All of my work strives for optimal UI/UX through modern design principles, optimized performance, and standardization.

I've been developing front end applications for 17 years and server-side apps in PHP and MySQL for 12. During this time, I have released countless tools to the public and published multiple web development tutorials.

This website is merely a hub for my portfolio and e-mail as well as a demonstration of the art form known as optimization.

This Website

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How is that possible? Using a hand-crafted piece of software, all documents from this server are optimally and automatically generated, cached, and compressed before being shipped out for delivery. Try refreshing, but don't blink.

Are you a potential employer? I'd be happy to showcase the code for you during an interview as an example of my programming abilities and understanding of web processes. You may contact me through any of the mediums below or at the phone number listed on my business card.


Personal Interests

I love all things geeky. I play a lot of Magic: The Gathering. I like t-shirts that include nerd culture puns. I've spent way too much time playing Dota 2 and seen most of the Marvel media on Netflix. 2D platforming games are my bread and butter. I developed an IE6-compatible retro RPG overworld engine to bend the limits of browser functionality and algorithmically define animate interactions in the DOM. You know... just for fun.